Alumni for the Wofford Way

In defense of core values of Wofford College, founded 1854, Spartanburg, S.C

Alumni for the Wofford Way is a coalition of loyal Terriers who take issue with numerous, radical and ongoing changes pushed by the Administration, certain professors and others at our beloved 167-year-old, private, liberal arts college in Spartanburg, S.C. We support diversity and inclusion in the Wofford College student body and faculty. We have worked hard through the years to maintain and advance Wofford’s sterling reputation as one of the best, progressive small colleges in the nation. Wofford graduates are among the highest, most successful achievers anywhere. We applaud those current students who love, respect and strive to uphold the traditionally high standards expected of them.  

     However, members of Alumni for the Wofford Way have a profound concern about the extremes to which the Administration, certain professors and others have conspired to impose on the college in recent years. We believe the current plethora of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) demands for radical change are wrong-headed, dangerous and counterproductive. We ask that Wofford’s distinguished Board of Trustees closely consider each JEDI recommendation, insist on an accurate cost analysis of them and evaluate with care the long-term consequences before signing off on any of them. 

     It’s interesting to note that the JEDI acronym was lifted from the popular Star Wars movie series about a world challenged by heartless, hypocritical ideologues who demand strict adherence to rules and regulations designed to control the mindless masses. The epitome of evil in the story is fallen Jedi warrior Darth Vader, who represents a tedious, history-changing Orwellian system imposed on everyone trapped by the heartless administrative apparatus. That certainly is not the proven Wofford Way of living.  And that is why we are incorporated as Alumni for the Wofford Way, Inc. .


     Thank you for your interest in the webpage. Feel free to contact us via this site or by email at  We look forward to answering your questions, sharing your insights on our website and your willingness tell the Wofford’s Trustees, who are listed with contact information under this website’s Board of Trustees tab. 

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